Our Story

In 2018, I was studying at the University of Toledo, OH, when my journey selling handmade jewelry began.

The designs were made in my hometown Margarita Island, Venezuela, by talented locals with years of experience in the jewelry industry.

I started offering unique pieces to my friends, family, and others around the United States. With their support I was able to expand my brand and create new designs that appealed to every style.

Since then, we have been able to offer our jewelry to other countries around the globe, while still supporting Venezuelan artisans.

We plan to continue launching many more collections for you!

-Maysun Darwiche

18k Gold Plated Jewelry

Our new Gold Plated collection is made in Thailand.
We work with great quality materials and offer the latest trends as well as
timeless favorites.

Sterling Silver

Our new Sterling Silver collection is also made in Thailand using 99.99 % silver grains in the production of our silver jewelry. Customers can shop with confidence that they will be receiving the standard
925 silver jewelry. 


From pearls cultivated in the Caribbean Sea and tropical islands,
Suni accessories offers exclusive handmade jewelry designs. The accessories are patiently handcrafted in Venezuela by the top professionals in the area.

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